How to Repair the Condensation on Double Glazed Windows

Are you experiencing double glazed window condensation for some time now? You may not know it, but window condensation is actually the result of another problem. Condensation on double glazed windows can cause a lot of other problems if not repaired immediately. So how do you repair condensation on double glazed windows?

What is condensation?

Do you see water droplets forming on the surface of your drinking glass? Do you remember seeing water droplets on the top of leaves on your yard? Those droplets of water were formed through the process of condensation.

Condensation is the change of water vapour or gas to a liquid phase. Its reverse is called vaporization.

Condensation is a very rare problem with double glazed windows but when it does happen, it might be due to a problem with the window itself. The first thing you need to do when trying to fix to condensation problems is by having the window inspected.

Here are a few things you need to check on you double glazed window:

  1. Check for cracks on that window pane.
  2. Inspect the seals of the window.
  3. Check the frame of the window.

Now a part from the window itself, you should also check your home. You may not know it, but that condensation problem might actually stem from environmental problems. If you think there’s still much heat and moisture in your home then he should consider them as initial sources of your problem.

What can be done to reduce window condensation?

Well, if you find that you have damages to your double glazed window you should have them fixed immediately. But if there are no problems with your windows, you should consider these following tips to get rid of your problem.

  • Reduce moisture production

Moisture is probably your number one enemy. Simple daily activities can cause moisture build up in your home such of as cooking, drying clothes with tumble dryers, and even hot showers. So make sure that moisture coming from these activities are controlled and vented outside your house.

  • Insulate your home

Improving your home’s insulation can generally affect the amount of condensation happening in your home. Moreover, it will reduce your heating bills.

  • Improve ventilation

This is probably one of the most helpful ways you can try to help alleviate condensation in your home. Proper ventilation in your kitchen and bathroom will let warm or moist air out of your house. Installing extractor fans is a great solution for improving your ventilation.

  • Dehumidifiers

If you would like to have a direct solution for condensation itself, then purchasing a dehumidifier is your best answer. A dehumidifier is an electrical device that is designed to remove moisture air. This particularity can be used in areas of high condensation risks. However, you should note that this is only a temporary measure.

If you plan to replace your double glazed windows completely, then make sure to get multiple quotes for the cheapest price of uPVC windows.

3 Benefits of Installing a Cat or Dog Flap in Double Glazed Doors


What do you do to make your pet happy? Do you let it play outside? Do you feed it its most favourite food? Pets are like friends. A dog can be our best buddy. A cat can be our playmate. At first we think that they could harm us, but then as days go by, we tend to be closer to them.

I am a pet-lover since I was little. Presently, I have a cat named Sunny and a dog named Yuni at home. I got Yuni first from my friend. She was still small when I got her and she was really cuddly. After a few months, my manager gave me a Russian Blue breed cat and I named her Sunny. She was very cute and playful.  Now all I want is to make them happy because I love them and I treat them as my best friends.

Three weeks ago, I have read from the Internet about cat and dog flaps. And I have found out that these have many benefits. I thought to myself that these flaps could make Sunny and Yuni happy. So what I did was check my cash at hand right away. After that, I rushed into the market to buy flaps for them.

I wanted to install these flaps in my double glazed doors. Later that day, I called someone to do the installation. When it was done, I called Sunny and Yuni to see the present I made them. They were very happy upon seeing their flaps.

How about you? Do you also want to make your pet happy? I will share with you 3 benefits of installing a cat or dog flap in your double glazed doors.

1. Give your cat/dog the freedom they need.

Does your cat or dog love to play outdoors? Installing a flap in your double glazed doors could enable them to go outside every time they feel like they want to play. After playing, they will surely get tired and will have to come inside to drink water or eat something. They could always go in and out whenever they want to.

As I said a while ago, my cat Sunny is very playful. She loves playing in the garden. She loves chasing bees and butterflies in my daisy garden. One minute she would play there, and another she would come again inside to drink some water. On the other hand, Yuni loves to play dig-a-bone in the yard, and afterwards come inside to take a nap. So installing a flap for them gives them the freedom they need.

2. You don’t need to be on guard every time.

Are you always monitoring your pet whenever they roam around your living room or play outside? You don’t need to worry about that if you have the flap for your cat or dog. As we said earlier, they will enjoy roaming outside and take a nap under the shades of trees. With that, it would prevent them from roaming around your living room and damage your furniture. By installing a cat or dog flap in your double glazed window, there’s no need for you to guard them every time. They will be back inside the house anytime they want.

3. Happiness for you and your pet.

Installing a flap in my double glazed doors really made Sunny and Yuni happy. I am grateful and happy for them as well. I always treat them as part of the family. If you also install a flap for your pet dog or cat, they will also be very happy and thankful because they could go and play outside anytime they want.

It just feels so good when I see Sunny and Yuni enjoying the benefit of the flap installed in my double glazed doors. They always love roaming outside the house to play. Plus, I don’t have to worry anymore about my things getting broken in my living room when the pets are around.

What’s Not to Love About Home Improvement Giant IKEA?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to shop in a single store for everything you need in your home? Wouldn’t it be great to have access to stylish, affordable, and eco-friendly furniture, appliances, and home decor without jumping from one store to another? Well, I think I have found the best place to shop for everything I need – IKEA.

IKEA is a company established in Sweden. It offers ready to assemble products such as beds, kitchen and bath tools and accessories, appliances, desks, dining tables, whole kitchens, and other home accessories at affordable prices. The company has become an international success with over 332 branches in 38 countries. Its success story is only a sign of how much people loved IKEA. So what exactly is great about shopping in IKEA for your home’s needs?

Wide range of products

One thing is the large product choices. With over 12,000 different products offered by the company, it’s easy for you to decorate your home according to the style you are looking for. Their website could be considered as its largest representation of a product catalogue. If you prefer to shop online, then their website is the best place to browse for their products and purchase them.

However, visiting the store itself is not a bad idea at all. You get to really scrutinise and feel every product they have to offer. That way, you are sure of what you are going to buy. Whether you need a vase, a lamp, spoon and forks, a table, or even a door mat, IKEA has something to offer.

Environment conscious company

IKEA was once under fire with environmentalists and because of this, they have made changes to the way they manufactured their products. One is the replacement of PVC in their wallpapers, shower curtains, and other products, the elimination of acid-curing lacquers, and their shift to use wood from responsibly managed forests to help maintain biological diversity.

It has restaurants inside the stores

If you are starting to get hungry or thirsty after shopping, you can try traditional Swedish dishes such as potato with Swedish meatballs, lingonberry jam, and cream sauce offered inside the store. They also offer drinks. However, there are some branches which offer the local specialties instead of Swedish food. IKEA also has Swedish Food Market that feature Swedish food to shoppers.

One thing I do have difficulty with IKEA products are its instruction guides. Often times, the illustrations aren’t enough to help me assemble my swivel chair or other furniture. Although the pictures look simple enough, there aren’t any step by step instructions in words. Sometimes, the drawings are simply not enough. Because of this, I find myself spending minutes on trying to assemble things I bought from IKEA. But despite that, I’m able to get things done with the help of my sister. It’s always better to have another person look at the manual for a different view.

Just so you know, this is not a paid blog post neither an advertorial. I’m simply expressing my humble opinion about the store. I love IKEA for its good and sometimes, bad sides.